The Importance of Leave-In Conditioner

Good morning! Today, I am off to Ashford to do some holiday shopping and so, so excited for this as it houses the only Abercrombie and Fitch outlet in my country! And before I left, I wanted to share with you, as promised, my weekly tips blog! But first, a little Monday motivation may be required… 😉


Now, when Hannah (previously mentioned work-wife) gave me the idea to create this series, it’s because we were talking about colouring hair and leave-in conditioner. And her exact words, I kid you not, were “What’s leave-in conditioner?”. 😱 And I was in shock. As a person who’s used leave-in conditioners religiously for around 10 years, I just didn’t realise people didn’t actually know about it!

What is Leave-In Conditioner?

Leave-in conditioner is a product that you can spray into damp hair, in order to reduce frizz, enhance sun-protection, prevent fading, maintain softness/colour/shine and loads more. The list of benefits are honestly endless. I still remember the first one I ever used when I had over-dyed my hair and the ends felt like straw. Every day after I washed my hair, I had to apply liberal amounts of the Herbal Essences Damaged Ends Conditoner, otherwise my hair would look just as bad as it felt. However, as I grew older, I started to look for a product which would not only make my hair look a bit better, but provide lasting, nourishing effects. Enter…

Revlon Professional Equave Leave-In Conditioner

I started using this a few years ago, upon a recommendation from my hairdresser and found that if I used it continuously (and liberally), my hair could withstand heat and colour-chemicals better than before. Used in combination with more hair-care techniques and products and I could colour and style my hair with almost no fallout, tecture change and more (of course, this is within limit! And only in comparison to my previous hair colouring and styling experiences).

My Spring-Summer haircare routine, including my year-round Leave-In Conditioner

Now, I’ve upgraded this a little bit with my experience working within a Hair and Beauty retail company, and found my ideal product – the Revlon Professional Sun-Protection version! This is due to the good quality care, with a smaller price tag than most professional hair products. If price was not an issue, my favourite is the Beauty Protector Protect and De-Tangle. However, I find that this product is used up very quickly, and not a good solution for those with a budget!

I honesty, cannot recommend applying leave-in conditioners enough. This is a product I use every time I wash my hair, without fail. Our hair goes through so much, why wouldn’t we want to help protect it a little – and the shine and silkiness is definitely worth it!

What leave-in conditioners do you swear by? If you haven’t heard of these products before, or have a better one to recommend, I’d love to know! Leave a comment below or send me an e-mail.

Have an amazing week everyone, and I look forward to sharing another tip next Monday!

– Megan Grace, xo


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