Four weeks to go!

Four weeks to go!

So, I am currently lying in bed, with a headache and still completely exhausted. BUT, it’s just been so long since I’ve been able to write anything and I’ve really missed you all so much, so I thought I’d do a quick blog to let you all know what’s been happening! 🌟

This week,

I handed in both of my last assignments for my third year of university. This is my placement year, in which I bit off far more than I could chew and really struggled to complete everything! On top of my degree work alongside my placement, I undertook a Level Four Diploma, Microsoft Office Exams, two online courses and my personal hobbies – blogging, instagram and make-up! I do not regret a single part of this year, my placement taught me a lot about the business world, and mainly – what I didn’t want my life to turn into!

In June, I was working full-time at my summer internship. Plus, I had my placement portfolio due and my level-4 diploma coursework due. This combined to over 100 hours work, outside of my normal job, in a month

! 😴 On top of this, I re-sprained my ankle quite badly, and have been in and out of the doctors because I keep getting dizzy spells. All in all – it’s quite a hectic summer.

My favourite selfie, favourite lipstick and on the best weekend ever πŸ’–

But it’s only four weeks,

Until I’m completely free to focus on the things that really make me happy, on experimenting with my make-up looks, my beauty boxes, learning the piano and speaking to you all about my experiences πŸ’– As lovely as my internship is, and as much as I do love the company, I genuinely cannot wait to get back to this.

Plus, as much as I’ve not been able to post, please know I’ve actually been saving up SO many blog ideas for you all once I’m back! These include:

  • Potentially the absolute best weekend of my life
  • Tips for maintaining productivity when all you want is to give up and sleep
  • My first ever MAC purchase and review
  • My last ever Birchbox
  • My last ever Roccabox
  • What I’ve learnt about all new beauty boxes – and which look the best!
  • The start of a new diet
  • The best cold-recipes for Summer weather
  • The stationary edit
  • Rose-Gold Make-up

Plus, my absolute favourite, and one I am so, so excited to write – my Mystery Blogger Nomination from Smarts and Sparkles. I actually received this notification when I was up late working on my portfolio, and it actually made me cry – it was that amazing to see! I’ve just looked at it all properly, and I am so, so excited to get to work on this for you all πŸ’–.

So, please, keep bearing with me – I’ll be back as soon as I can and in four weeks max! Although, without the university work I do hope it’ll be before πŸ˜‰ I hope you’re all having an amazing summer, and I’ll keep trying to catch up with all the amazing and inspirational blogs you’re posting!

– Megan Grace, xo


A big thank you!

A big thank you!

My followers have kind of exploded recently, both on here and Instagram. And I am so, so grateful and excited for each and every one of you. And thank you for following me! My numbers may not be anywhere near so many bloggers, but to think that over 60 people have subscribed here, and around 1’000 on my Instagram is amazing and a really big deal for me. I know there’s not as much new content as I would like at the moment, but I just wanted to take the time to let you know why, and that there is more on the way!

Last month, I ended my placement for my course, and was SO excited to be able to have more time to blog and connect with all you amazing people. However, an amazing internship came up, at this great little start up company, which has been taking up all of my time. But, please know, even though it may take me a little longer to reply to all your comments, both on here and Instagram. And I may not be posting as much, I am reading, loving and feeling so inspired by you all ☺️ I finish my internship around mid-July, and can promise more regular posts then, so please bear with me until and I hope you enjoy the few posts I can do at the moment! I do have a long-haircare routine blog I am currently working on at the moment, and hoping to get up for you all tomorrow πŸ’–πŸ’–

Today, I was fat-shamed. And that’s not okay…

Today, I was fat-shamed. And that’s not okay…

So I created this blog last weekend, in the hope of sharing things that make me happy, that inspire me and hopefully, maybe, that might make someone else happy to read. My second post was supposed to be an amazing recipe! But, this is too big for me to ignore.

Today, I was walking to the post office from the office, as I do most days. It’s only a five minute walk, I’m on lovely terms with the people in the post office and getting out of the office for a few minutes is quite nice on a Spring day. Until today, that is.

I was walking along the street, checking my phone, being rather happy in the cool Spring air… and a car drove past me. With the window down, they yelled out:


And then a woman laughed, loudly, from inside the car.

Of course, my first reaction was to look around me, shocked, to find who they were yelling at. But when there was no one else around, and I saw the window down on my side of the road, it dawned on me. Someone who didn’t know me, who had no reason to dislike me or to say anything at all, decided to try to hurt me today. For no reason, other than to satisfy a selfish desire to hurt others, and to spread insecurity and fear that little bit further.

Is this what it takes to be fat-shamed?

Now most people would probably tell themselves they should just forget about this, that to be that disgusting of a person is the other person’s perogative. But, if people don’t say when these things happen. If people don’t say that this is not okay. How will people ever realise that kindness is always the better choice. That we should be helping strangers, not trying to defeat them. That it is not your right to determine how a stranger should feel about themselves, and if you don’t have anything nice to say. Don’t say anything at all!

I’m outraged by how I was treated today. I’m outraged by the tears that threatened to overcome me at the office. By the tears that did overcome me once I’d left the office for the day and for how bad I’ve felt about myself since.

So tonight, I’m going to celebrate the fact that my friends love me regardless of how I look. That my boyfriend loves me even more for my body. And that I love myself, because I know I’d never do that to another person. Because in this life, I’d rather spread a little more happiness, and a little less hate. And that when someone that hateful happens, I know that it’s better to speak up about it, rather than to hide away.

I hope this kind of thing hasn’t happened to anyone else. But, if it has, please, please, do not let those people define you. Stand up, stand tall and scream from the rooftops that you are amazing, and no one has the right to try to take that away from you.

Megan Grace, xoxo

Who am I?

Who am I?


So you’ve made it to my website, and I bet you’re wondering ‘Who the hell is this girl’? So I’m Meg, and it’s lovely to (virtually) meet you.
I’ve decided to start a website, to share all my experiences and memories and all the insights along the way! Hopefully soon, you’ll be able to see posts about beauty, style, recipes, holidays, studying, my life and more…

So let’s start with explaining my site name. The nicest thing I’ve ever had said to me, was seven years ago, and has always stuck with me:

You’re a spark. No, you’re a series of sparks and don’t ever change!

Now, I don’t know if this was just ‘a saying’ reeling off my tattoo, or whether the person ever meant it. But it didn’t matter. To me, that was an amazing compliment. Some of the most influential people in my life have been described as ‘fiery’, ‘firecrackers’ and ‘forces to be reckoned with’, including my amazing, late grandmother. So here’s hoping I can live up to the quote! Then, just add in my name and a hug and a kiss and you’ve got a cracking site name.

Right, so now I’ve introduced myself a little, I’m off to test a new (slightly unhealthy) recipe, and I’ll post back here later to let you know how it goes! If it’s good, I might even share the secret ;).

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you soon!

Megan Grace, xo