May Birchbox – The Reveal!

May Birchbox – The Reveal!

Yay! My May Birchbox finally arrived yesterday! I would have posted this last night, but it was date night at Cineworld to see A Dog’s Purpose. (Side note: if you get the chance to see this movie, GO. SEE. IT. But be warned, it’s about 3 times as sad as Marley and Me. Didn’t cry at all… *well, only twice*).

But back to the point! I’ve actually had a few issues with delivery from Birchbox over the past week, which was really stressful. Never go on holiday if you have deliveries, because most delivery companies won’t let you change the delivery dates! And it’s really not worth the stress. But, luckily, I am now home and have sorted out all my deliveries and I’m 90% sure nothing’s missing! The other 10% is partly because I haven’t actually checked yet…

So, what is the May Birchbox?


The May Birchbox actually has my favourite design of any of my boxes so far. I LOVE rose gold and marble (*basicccc!), and have actually been trying to convince Jamie that these are decor goals when it comes to planning our next home. But he has always told me he hated the combination, and was not having rose gold (I’d already worn him down on the marble 😂) until this Birchbox came through. He told me he really liked the design too, and now I’m already semi-planning our next kitchen… Thinking very light pink-white walls with marble rose-gold worktops, and now I’m really getting ahead of myself!

So, this month’s Birchbox design, as you can see above, is absolutely stunning!

But, what was inside of it?


Imagine Bracelet

I was a little cheeky this month and paid a little extra to get a really pretty bracelet, and I’m so happy I did! I’m not usually a fan of gold unless it’s coloured white or rose, but this bracelet with it’s pink ribbon is just too cute. I’ll let you know if I keep wearing it in a week or two, but for now, I’m one very happy girl! This  usually sells for £15 which I do think is a little expensive for what it is, but I only paid £3 extra ontop of my box.

Doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara

It’s actually quite ironic, this time last month I was stressing about running out of mascara. But, after ordering a top-up of my normal Benefit They’re Real Mascara, I got this sample through in my Birchbox! Could’ve waited a month with that! Anyway, Birchbox describes this mascara to be the perfect replacement for false lashes (paraphrased). And it might just be the proportion of the smaller bottle to brush skewing my judgement, but the brush for this is HUGE. Now, I naturally have semi-long eyelashes, so I actually don’t wear falsies, and I’m a little hard to please in this department but I will feed back and let you know! Right now, I think I’m more worried about getting mascara on my eyebrows with my lack of hand-eye co-ordination and the tiny brush…


Kueshi Hair Mask Shine & Volume

As you may have read in my April favourites blog, I’m now on a very hard mission to stop dying my hair and let my natural colour grow (more so I can dye it with a lovely ombre colour later…), so I am actively seeking everything to make my hair and scalp as healthy as possible to shorten the horrific process. Therefore, getting the Kueshi hair mask in my Birchbox is AMAZING. Birchbox says this hair mask strengthens (great), hydrates (great for those dry ends), protects and adds shine (yep, pretty standard) and moisturises (isn’t this the same as hydrates? 😮).

The sample comes in a nice size – 50ml, and will likely do 1-2 applications on my hair (boob-length hair takes a lot more product than shorter do’s!). And it has a kind of buttery-coconut smell to it, which I actually really like. I’ve only just done a hair mask in the past couple of days though, and usually aim to do one about once a week, so this will have to wait until this weekend but I will feed back!

Clean-on 2 Step Nose Pack

I don’t actually have a very good description for this one as Birchbox gave me the wrong pamphlet with two wrong products on it… but I’m not too convinced by nose packs anyway. I have quite large pores, with what I can only call blackheads on my nose and have never been able to get rid of, no matter how many nose strips I’ve tried. To be honest, I usually just end up with a very red nose! But, I’ll give it a go. This pack contains one Black Peel-off Nose Pack, to actually get rid of the annoying blackheads, and once Pore Soothing Hydrogel, to sooth your sore skin after step 1! To be honest, I’m quite happy with the hydrogel as hopefully it won’t leave my nose looking too Rudolph-y.


Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in Vanilla Frosting

In April, Birchbox subscribers got to choose which shade of eyeshadow they’d prefer from two full-size Marsk Mineral Eyeshadows. Of course, you may have noticed I’m not the biggest lover of black eyeshadow – usually opting for paler shades. This is because I find black eyeshadow not only REALLY hard to apply correctly, but because it usually washes me out quite badly and I end up looking like someone off the cast of Oliver (or worse!).

I’ve seen quite a lot of people complaining about the size of this eyeshadow, and saying it won’t last very long but I’m not quite sure why. As it’s the size of a normal pot of eyeshadow! It’s loose powder, which means you have to be quite careful handling and applying it. But I’ve always found that loose powders give me a much better coverage. So I’m actually quite excited to use this one! I’ll have to get a new look up within the next few weeks. SPOILER ALERT: I actually have a top looks blog coming soon!

Whish Firming Body Cream Rice Milk

I’m not very excited about this one. Mainly because, like I’m sure many people do, I don’t actually pay as much attention to my body as I do my face! Although, I am aware I do need to change this habit. But I do find that with body samples, you need more or they become extremely expensive to test your whole body!

Also, the Whish Firming Body Milk is the other product that isn’t actually on my Birchbox Pamphlet as I received the wrong one, so I’ll have to go off the bottle for this! The bottle says it smooths blemishes, provides a firmer feeling and moisturises. I’m extremely careful with my products already and avoid problem foods, so I don’t really experience many blemishes on my body. However, I am hoping this will apply to those red bumbs you get after shaving your legs – as this would be a massive help! But I’ll test it out and let you know 😄.

And there we have it,

The stunning May Birchbox. Overall I’m extremely satisfied with the box design, and semi-happy with this month’s samples. I do feel they could have tailored the box better, but I’m sure they’ll pull it back next month. And until then, I have a new hair mask and eyeshadow to play with.

What beauty boxes do you subscribe to?

– Megan Grace, xo

Considering signing up?

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