A little hope for a lot of happiness.

A little hope for a lot of happiness.

This weekend, I’ve had to do so much housework and I’m actually exhausted. I feel like I need a weekend away from my weekend! But, this morning, I woke up and struck by a little inspiration – decided to do some more unpacking I’d been putting off rather than relaxing in bed (trust me, this was a difficult choice!).

Jamie and I moved in together officially a few months ago. It was a big, trusting step for me and for reasons I’ve always put down to stress, I never completely finished unpacking. But life with him seems so perfect recently, I decided to stop putting it off and get it done. And it was so much fun!

Of course, three months is a long time to go without unpacking. And I’d actually completely forgotten what was inside the bags! I mean, three months is a long time to go without using these things, so they obviously weren’t essential. But, they were amazing and gave me that little sparkly feeling – similar to retail therapy! You know that feeling of getting new, sparkly things to play with – I had three bags worth.

The stunning scarf I found today – tags still on!

So, what did I find?

Amongst the normal rubbish-y things I got rid off, there were some amazing jewels within these bags. I actually found about 6 tops, a pair of jeans, a scarf and more that all still had tags on. And they are SO cute! I really wish I had a photo of these right now, but they do all need a good wash and iron to tidy them up. I will post a photo of my new clothes haul soon though – promises!

I also found a few cute accessories I’d forgotten I owned, my favourite coat I’d been looking everywhere for and some fun beauty essentials amongst kept memories with Jamie. But, my favourite thing I found? A diary. I’d started this diary on the 29th September of last year, the day before I met Jamie. And there was only one entry (and a quote I’d noted down from Izzy about how brilliant life is). And when I read this entry I felt so proud of myself, and so happy and I actually felt a little teary.

The diary that made me so, so proud to have stayed positive and not let cruel people influence me!

Now, normally I wouldn’t date think of posting an excerpt from my diary online – but the coincidence here and the timing was just too amazing not to share.

This is what it said:

“Dear Diary,

Is it strange to call you diary? It sounds so… teenage. Then again, is teenage really a bad thing? Less responsibility, more fun and more… magic <3!

So, why am I writing? Loneliness, I guess? I recently got out a bad relationship. It was horrible. You don’t realise just how badly you’ve been manipulated and mentally abused until it’s over.

But I won’t let that ruin my hope and my belief in love; in kindness. I won’t believe in a cold and cruel world. It’s not naivety, it’s a choice. If peacefulness, warmth and kindness aren’t protected, they’ll cease to exist.


I wrote this on the 29th September 2016, and the very next day I met Jamie. The kindest, most thoughtful and strengthening man I’ve ever met. And I’ve never felt so strong in myself since I did. I’d like to think this was the universe’s way of confirming what I wrote in a way. In what I was desperately trying to believe and to keep my hope of a happier life after the abuse I’d received within my previous relationship.

I guess I’m posting this here too, not only as a reminder to myself for the next time I’m feeling a little low. But in the hope that maybe, someone might read this and remember that positive thoughts can lead to a happy life.

What inspires you? If you have a similar moment where your positivity has really made an impact in your life, I’d love to hear about it!

– Megan Grace, xo


Catch up – Easter Weekend!

Catch up – Easter Weekend!

Ahh! I can’t believe it’s almost two weeks until the end of my internship, and I’m going a little crazy/stressed making sure I’ve gotten everything I need to complete both my courses. Hence, the lack of blogging recently!

I actually feel quite bad every day I don’t write on here. Not only because it’s fun and I enjoy it, but because I can get stuff out that I feel I need to. And I think Jamie has been on the receiving end of this – I mean, the second you want to say something and you can’t, and you’re holding it in, it just becomes so difficult not to be crabby at home (sorry Jamie!). BUT, It’s Easter (HAPPY EASTER!), and I’ve spent all weekend so far prepping food and being so, so busy. And I’ve actually gotten some much needed relaxation time, hence the blog :)!

So, what have I been up to this weekend to keep myself so busy? My parents just met Jamie’s parents for the first time today, and I’ve been SO nervous. And when I get nervous, I tend to over-do things. At least that way, if anything goes wrong, it won’t be because I didn’t try. But things went so right today, and it was amazing. And, I don’t mean to take the credit, but I’m going to at least hope that around 5% of it was down to my amazing decoration-skills and (non-existent) cooking talent!

Testing my hand at decorating! Tulips were freshly bought and look much nicer now they’ve had a drink for the day. Love the colours of them!

No joke, I actually spent all of yesterday in Sainsburys, cooking, baking, decorating, tidying and cleaning. And I swear my back still hurts from this. I decided that you get out what you put into a situation, and made a three course menu!

Course one: Butternut Squash, Parmesan and Chilli Soup

This was really easy to make, I used a recipe from my Covent Garden cookbook, and just edited it to have a lot of extra seasoning, a little chilli powder and garnished with some fresh parsely. I mean, recipes are really just suggestions, right? This was a massive hit! I actually made this soup once before, without all the extra seasoning and garnish, and although other people liked it, I just wasn’t so keen – it tasted a little bland to me, which is strange because I usually love all Covent Garden soup. If you ever feel your soup is a little bland, honestly, a pinch of chilli, lots of black pepper, a bit of salt and some parsley are sure to do the trick.

Butternut Squash, Parmesan and Chilli Soup. So proud of this, and tasted so yummy!

Course two: Roast Pork with crackling and SO MUCH VEG.

So, I’m really sorry I couldn’t get a photo of this. But any person who can cook a massive roast for six people and actually wait to get a photo of it, rather than digging straight in, is a much bigger person than me. I had to delve into this, and although I couldn’t finish everything (cue my stepdad having a quick pick at the table about not eating all my greens *so funny*), it was really nice. And probably one of the nicest roasts I’ve ever cooked. BIG thank you to my brother, Dave, for the pork recipe -the crackling was AMAZING.

Course three: Double chocolate fudge cake with vanilla cookie topping.

I’m actually a little disappointed by this. It was Jamie’s mum’s birthday yesterday, and she likes chocolate – so I thought I’d make her a realy nice chocolate cake as a surprise. But, whilst I was moving it from one plate to another yesterday, I accidentally broke the cake. Luckily I salvaged it with some extra frosting and it still tasted lovely, but it’s not quite an instagram dream (sorry!). The cake itself though was delicious, and I would definitely make again, but maybe without the cookies! I got the recipe for the cookies from my Hummingbird Bakery cookbook and found them really difficult to get right. To be honest, I know I usually try not to go processed – but I’d rather buy the oreos pre-made for this in the future. Then again, that may just be me and my limited baking skills.

Jennys Birthday Cake! Icing completely saved the breakage but homemade vanilla cookies are just not the way forward.

Also, please, never try to do all this by yourself. Jamie’s been at work most of the weekend, and I’ve had to take up the job of so much washing up, my hands are going to fall off! Always have a helper (or a handy dishwasher) nearby.

And now, I’m off for a cheeky episode of gossip girl before I drag myself to bed. Happy Easter to everyone reading this and I hope you’ve had lovely days! I’d love to hear about what you’ve been up to?

– Megan Grace, xo

P.S. I know I keep mentioning about the Birchbox reviews and I am so excited to do these. I’ve just been so busy recently. But I have tried some amazing new products which I can’t wait to write about and these will be up soon :).

A couples weekend and some Birchbox love!

A couples weekend and some Birchbox love!

These days, I’m literally living for the weekends! I finish my placement in just three weeks, and after over 9 months of working 6-7 day weeks, I’m so, so excited to have some pure me-time, and some quality time with Jamie!

But this weekend, I have a little work to do today, but around this, we’re having a couples weekend! Because, this is the first time in weeks that both Jamie and me aren’t at work at the same time (I know, exciting right!). So, we started the weekend with a relaxed friday evening date night. Home cooked meal: Check! (Nasi Goreng of course). Cinema: Check!

P.S. If anyone gets the chance to go see Ghost in the Shell, you must! It’s fast become one of my top 10 movies, just because the concept is so thought-provoking and amazing! I loved the fact that it wasn’t too ‘Hollywood’, and Scarlett Johansen just played the role to an amazing level of perfection! 💙


So, after a lovely night out yesterday, we woke up this morning, decided to have breakfast in bed and a lazy morning (with a little work on my end), and planned where we were going to head out for the day (SPOILER ALERT: It’s Swanage!).

As I’m leaving my placement next month, I’m trying to save more money for days out and my holiday, so unfortunately, my beauty budget has taken a bit of a backseat. I know, I know, I’m crying too. I’m having to embrace more natural skin, less make-up and genuinely considering trying the eye-drops in the mascara and primer trick. (If I do, I’ll let you know if it actually works!). But the one thing I have allowed myself, is my monthly Birchbox. 😄

So what did I get in this month’s Birchbox? It is amazing. Not only is the box a stunning design by Boden, but everything I got in this month’s box, are things I want to use! And, it’s helped my beauty collection with TWO free make-up products.


Baija Paris – Moana Cream. This body cream smells like tropical island dreams feel. But may need to be put aside for my travel-size for Scotland next month.

Lustea Beauty – Keratin Smooth Conditioner. An amazing relief, because I’m putting a little more red in my hair this month! So I’ll be looking forward to giving my hair a big boost beforehand.

Polaar – IcePure Gentle Scrub with Arctic Cotton. I’m usually a Dermalogica girl, and quite strict with this. But when a product looks this pretty, I’ll give it a try!

ModelCo – Eye Define Crayon Liner. So, I’ve actually just run out of black pencil eyeliner (I know, I know, this is blasphemy!). Getting this in my Birchbox, with no idea it was coming is amazing. The last liquid-eyeliner I received fast became my favourite so I have high hopes for this pencil liner!

Manna Kadar Cosmetics – High Definition Powder. I live in Poole, and the weather at the moment has been quite lovely. But when the sun comes out, I really need a powder to turn down the shininess and can’t wait to use this today.

And now, I’m off to go use a couple of my new products… and to get ready for couples day in Swanage of course! I’ll feedback here to let you know just how good this Birchbox really is.

– Megan Grace, xoxo