My April Favourites 2017 – Haircare, Skincare & Make-Up!

My April Favourites 2017 – Haircare, Skincare & Make-Up!

So, I’ve just gotten back from an amazing week in Scotland, and I’ve been wanting to do this blog for far too long, but it’s just been so hectic! So, I’m sorry this is a little late, but welcome to my April favourites!

Now, I had far too many favourite products in April. I genuinely believe this may have been my biggest insight into the world of beauty, and I actually ordered some really amazing products at the end of the month which have just arrived! But, I’ve tried to condence the list, and have come up with seven of my top skincare / haircare / make-up products that I absolutely love.


Anyone that knows me, knows I am mad about my hair. I cannot have it short and I’m a bit of a dye addict. BUT, in April, I decided that I wanted to get back to my natural hair. Now, whenever I have attempted to do this in the past, I’ve reached for the dye again and convinced myself that I’ll just dye it a nice shade of brown and call it ‘natural’. But not this time. I’m going to *try* to go through the extremely painful process of growing out my dyed hair, and bearing my roots. For anyone who’s just tuned in, no. Red is not my natural colour – but I love it if you thought it was!

These are three of my top recent hair products. Two of which made it into my April favourites!

Revlon Leave-In Detangling Conditioner

In order to get back to my natural colour and keep a little bit of my sanity, I’ve adopted a daily leave-in conditioner to get my locks back to their healthiest state. Healthy hair = happy hair. And if my hair is happy, it’ll grow faster, right? I like the logic, and it’s always worked for me before, so I’m giving it a go. For this conditioner, I went for the Sun-Protection variety, purely because I live by the coast and I don’t want sun damage ruining my chances of gaining natural hair – fast. But when I lived in Oxford, I did used to buy the normal (blue) variety, and it was amazing. I can’t actually tell which I prefer, so I would recommend buying the variety that you think would suit your needs for where you live. I mean, if you don’t live in a sunny area, the sun-protection may not do as much for your hair as it does for mine.

TiGi Catwalk Sea Salt Spray

Usually, to get lovely styled hair, I need to go through a long hair routine involving lots of heat. Of course, heat and hair do not necessarily equal health. Therefore, in order to gain long locks quickly, I need to stop applying so much heat to my hair, and make sure I protect it well when I do! So, I’ve had to search for alternate styling tools I can apply to my natural, straight-as-straight-can-be hair. This hasn’t been so fun, as my hair usually repels styling 😞. But, when I found the TiGi Catwalk Sea Salt Spray, I actually found a product that will work, and stay! It adds volume to my lack-lustre locks whilst giving it a little bit of waviness that I couldn’t even achieve with my straightners!

Although, if you do use this, it’s really important to know that it adds a lot of tangles and knots to your hair that a normal hair brush will struggle with. Additionally, using a normal hair brush with this product, will probably cause a lot more damage than good! So make sure you take care, use a tangle-targeting brush and if you can help it – condition it before brushing out!

Gold Tangle Teezer Compact Styler

A couple of months ago, I decided to change from my old trusty hairbrush to a new, shiny golden Tangle Teezer. And to be honest, apart from the odd rendezvous with my GHD Paddle Brush, I haven’t looked back. Using my Tangle Teezer usually takes longer than a normal hairbrush, but it rips a lot less hair out over a period of time, and doesn’t hurt nearly as much. As most people with long hair know, brushing can be quite painful as it’s so much easier to get knots in your hair, especially when you’re not having regular haircuts (a bad habit I will be working on!). With the absence of ripped hairs and pain this month, my Tangle Teezer had to be one of my April favourites. I opted for the Compact Styler version, purely because it’s so handbag friendly!

Scotland Selfie! Thank god for primer 😉


Lush Cosmetics Sakura Bath Bomb

I’ve had quite a lot of problems with my skin this Spring. Usually, as the weather changes my skin will flare up and become a lot more sensitive to everything. I think I’ve counted four or five flare ups in April alone, usually on my hands, but on my collarbone, arms and thighs too! Therefore, bubble baths give me a little bit of peace and my skin some much needed hydration and attention. But, I do have to be careful with the type of products I use to bathe.

I find Bomb Cosmetics are usually my favourite when it comes to baths. These, mixed with a little bit of Radox to make the water as soft as possible and leave my skin feeling silky. However, I decided to try a stunning pink Lush bath bomb – the Sakura Bomb, and can honestly say I’ve been converted! Not only is this bath bomb gorgeous and gives the bath a beautiful colour. But, it makes my skin feel softer than it has and helped to replenish some of the lost moisture from my flare-ups. It gives off a really satisfying fizz, and smells amazing – like fresh cherry blossom. Also, Elena really loved the smell and couldn’t stop sniffing me for about 20 minutes after!

Balance Me Instant Lift Primer

This may be better situated in the make-up area, but I have genuinely seen an improvement in my natural complexion since I began using this. However, I only have the sample size at the moment from my Birchbox, so I have been alternating between using this and my Revlon PhotoReady Primer. I would like to get the full-size version of the Balance Me Instant Lift Primer, but it’s a little too expensive for budget beauty at the moment!

I find that a little of this product goes a long way, and really helps to both illuminate my face, whilst allowing my foundation to apply a lot more smoothly than normal. In the past, I’ve had to alter between wearing foundation one day and going bare the next to try to maintain a clear complexion. However – and this is why I cannot recommend primer enough-, when I use this, I can go days before needing a rest day and still won’t get a breakout! I still get the odd spot, but nothing compared to what I used to.

Of course, I do mix this with a good skincare routine and would never recommend just relying on the product. And I’m no expert on skincare, but this is my experience.

Manna Kadar Powder – amazing, but so, so tiny!


ModelCo Eye Define Crayon Liner

This product came as a full-size sample with my April Birchbox, and I loved it so much I made Jamie sign up to get another Birchbox so I could receive it again cheaper! I’m extremely sceptical of pencil eyeliners and usually opt for the liquid varieties, as it’s so easy to start the day with pristine make-up, and end the day with a smudgy panda-eye appearance. But I found that the ModelCo Eye Define Crayon Liner doesn’t smudge nearly as much as a normal high-street brand and will definitely be buying more for my collection.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics High Definition Powder

The Manna Kadar Cosmetics High Definition Powder, is the other reason I made Jamie sign up for an April Birchbox. It’s so expensive, for such a tiny little pot and I’m not 100% yet on whether I could even afford to buy it as a constant part of my collection. But, I know I want to. It sets my make up perfectly, and is great for selfies! I can’t really think of more to say about this one – it does what it says on the tin, but maybe not the best option for beauty on a budget. But it did help me a lot through April so has to be one of the favourites!

And there we have it, a very long list of April favourites!

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– Megan Grace, xo