Sunday Antics and Book Recommendations

Sunday Antics and Book Recommendations

Do you ever get that feeling, when you have SO much to do, and you have guests coming round in just a couple of hours, and you still have to start cooking, and preparing, and cleaning. But instead, you run a bath, with half a bottle of Radox bubbles, your last Lush bath bomb and take time for yourself. You pick up that book, the one you’re just getting into, and sink down into the bubbles, adrift with stories of other lives…. And then you’re three chapters in, look up from your bubbles and think “Oh shit!”. No? Just me? Well that’s awkward then… 😉

Anyway, today, I wanted to speak to you all about a couple of my most recent reads, that I have really enjoyed (or am currently enjoying!). There’s only two in this blog, as I am terrible at remembering titles! And am really struggling to find books I enjoy at the moment. But here goes…


Before I Fall – Lauren Oliver

“They say to live every day as though it’s your last – but you never actually think it’s going to be. You always think you’ll have more time.

That’s what I thought. But I was wrong.

The thing is, you don’t get to know when it happens.

You don’t remember to tell your family that you love them or – in my case – remember to say goodbye to them at all.

What if, like me, you could live your last day over again? Could you make it perfect? If your whole life flashed before your eyes, would you have any regrets? Are there things you’d want to change?”

This book initially appealed to me because of the concept – reliving your life, second chances at your mistakes, and the instant inability to predict the ending. It was a mystery, without so much of the darkness that so many current books possess. Plus, I love Lauren Olivers Delirium series! Whilst reading this, I could barely put it down, and although it was difficult to get into at the beginning (move past it. It’s worth it, I promise), it became something in which I both loved and hated the characters, and took away some important life lessons.

Life Lessons:

  1. Treat people with kindness, always. Even if they don’t reciprocate.
  2. Just because you’re different, doesn’t mean you’re worthless.
  3. Everyone is fighting a battle, even if they don’t show it.
  4. Be thankful.

I feel as though these are really basic life lessons, but ones I constantly forget and need reminding of. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep being kind, to stick to the path you know you should be on and to seek motivation in world that seems like it’s against you. But you have to stick to it.


Before I Fall – Lauren Oliver. An absolutely amazing and inspirational read.

After You – Jojo Moyes

“Lou Clark has lots of questions.

Like how it is she’s ended up working in an airport bar, watching other people jet off to new places.

Or why the flat she’s owned for a year still doesn’t feel like home.

Whether her family can ever forgive her for what she did eighteen months ago.

And will she ever get over the love of her life.

What Lou does know for certain is that something has to change/

Then, one night, it does.

But does the stranger on her doorstep hold the answers Lou is searching for – or just more questions?

Close the door and life continues: simple, ordered, sale.

Open it and she risks everything. But Lou once made a promise to life. And if she’s going to keep it, she has to invite them in.”

Now, this book has a very sales-y cover I think. But, I first heard about the prequel to this, through a trailer in the cinema for ‘Me Before You’. And having watched the movie, I felt I really needed to read the books. However, I accidentally forgot I hadn’t read the first book when I picked this one up, and now I’m too hooked to put it down! If you haven’t heard anything about Me Before You, I’ll try not to give too much away. But essentially, Louisa Clark meets Will – a man bound to a wheelchair from an accident, and he changes her perspective on life, love and everything in-between. But not in a superficial cheesy way – in a way that even the reader can take lessons and note from.

I think you’re starting to see a pattern in the kinds of books I like now? If you like this style of book too, I would LOVE to know some recommendations you might have? And what you thought of these two? I really want to sit here and rave about them some more, but it would be cruel to deprive you of some amazing page-turning surprises if you ever pick them up yourself! So, if you would like to know more, leave a comment asking anything and I’ll try my best to answer.

– Megan Grace, xo